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We are sure that more than once you have thought about all the changes and remodellations you would make to your house in Valencia. There is always something to improve or maybe you are just one of those people who like to change their home from time to time.

What happens is that carrying out a refurbishment can sometimes be a laborious task because there are many professional services that you have to hire so that the idea you had in your head becomes real. What if we tell you that with us you are going to have them all? Yes, we put all kinds of professionals at your disposal so that you can carry out the refurbishment you want in Valencia.

reformas en Valencia por ObrasCSM

It’s great to have a qualified technical team to help you build the house you’ve always wanted. Extensions in bedrooms or living room, a modern kitchen, comfortable bathrooms … What do you need?

You won’t have to worry about anything with us. Just tell us what you want to do at home and we’ll do the rest. But we want to make things even easier, not only will we help you to remodel your home, we can also do the same with your office or premises.

Do you want to give your workplace a new image? Then, you are at the right place, whether it is a commercial place or an office, we will do everything to your liking so that while we are working you also feel at home and your customers take an excellent impression of your business.

Tell us what your project is, we offer multiple services so that you can count on us at all times in terms of refurbishments in Valencia.

We are great professionals at your disposal who are experts in different sectors, from masonry to electricity, plumbing, design, interior design, painting … we also work with the best tools and materials to offer quality and guarantee in everything we do.

If you want to give a twist to your home or modify the appearance of your office, call us and you will have everything you need at your fingertips. We’ll make sure your project doesn’t remain just as an idea.

Our renovations will get the house you’ve always dreamed of.

Sometimes it takes too much work to find a suitable home for us. Although there are many houses for sale or rent in Valencia sometimes we are not convinced because we already have a preconceived idea in our head of what how our ideal house should be.

Do you want to make it happen? It is very easy, thanks to our professionals you will be able to have the house of your dreams quickly. Our expert staff is fully qualified to build the home you want. We put all kind of services at your disposal so that you can create your own house based only on what you like.

reformar una casa en valencia

From the most experienced architects and technical arquitects to interior design specialists. How do you want your home to look like? Two, three, four bedrooms, a spacious living room, a terrace with nice views, a comfortable and useful kitchen, a perfect bathroom to relax in… we build your home according to what you tell us to.

In addition, not we only have technicians in building, but once we have made the structure of the building you can also make use of our interior design services.

We have a large number of professionals at your disposal who will help you choose the best cladding for your home, the tiles you must put in each room, the flooring or parquets if you prefer and even what kind of toilet suits your home. Absolutely everything you need you will have it with us.

Because having the house of your dreams has never been so easy thanks to our refurbishment company in Valencia that offers construction services to customers with professional technicians and the best quality in their products.

A complete renovation of your home in Valencia

If you live in Valencia and need a renovation to change the style of your house, then pay attention. You may want to give it a new touch, a renewed image that you feel comfortable with. What do you have in mind?

You can start by changing the layout of your home, increasing the number of rooms, enlarging the living room, modify the terrace… whatever you want, our professionals team will do it for you right away.

If you need to fit out your home, all you have to do is ask. We have the best tools and materials to make a complete refurbishment at your home. Not only regarding to changes in distribution, we also offer all kinds of installation services.

reformas en el interior de una vivienda

As much as if you want to install central heating in your home, such as air conditioning our technicians will help you, so that your house always has the ideal temperature in every season of the year.

The same goes for telecommunications. Telephone, satellite, television… our professional experts will put at your disposal their knowledge so that your house has the best technologies. A home of the XXI century where you will need nothing else and so that you can be comfortably in your home.

Whether you live in a flat, an apartment or a townhouse on the outskirts, we have all the necessary tools to offer you our services in any of these infrastructures. You don’t have to worry, you will always have what you need, that’s why we are here to help you renovate your house and carry out quality works that will last for a long time.

Do you need a kitchen refurbishment?

One of the most important spaces within a home is the kitchen. We spend a good part of our time there because this is where we prepare the best dishes. For this reason a kitchen always has to be practical and comfortable where we have access to everything we need in a quick and simple way.

Kitchens tend to spoil more than other areas of the home, which is why they are refurbished from time to time. Are you in this situation? Let us know what happens to your kitchen and we will help you look it great again.

Our experts not only will make your kitchen comfortable and practical, they will also advise you to choose the best appliances for it always with the most recognized brands. We offer you a wide range of products so that you can cook like a professional chef.

We take care of everything, from guessing what kind of kitchen you have, measuring the spaces and even assemble the furniture. You just have to tell us how you would like your new kitchen to look like, and we will do the rest. The only thing you have to do is to be clear about the idea so that we can carry it out as soon as possible.

New bathroom with high quality materials

If there’s a sacred room in a house it’s definitely the bathroom. It is the space in which we relax and we have to feel very comfortable so it is important that it looks good and does not lack of anything so that we can groom ourselves at ease.

Bathroom refurbishments are very common, since it is a room that suffers quite enough, mostly because it is used daily and in addition, the water makes dent in the solería, tiles and pipes, among other things.

reforma integral de baños

If you have realized that your bathroom needs an urgent refurbishment you have come to the best place. We are going to make your bathroom look brand new, because we own all the materials and tools to make it possible.

Whatever you need you will have it at your fingertips, from taps, bathtubs, shower trays, flooring, tiles… even plumbing services in case you need to change the installation. You only have to tell us how you want your new bathroom to be and we will put at your disposal what you need to carry out the refurbishment.

We can also help you choose a suitable bathroom. We always work with the best brands and even provide you with a catalogue with the furniture you may need in your bathroom. Although the choice is yours alone. But, if you have doubts, you can always ask to our experts to choose the best product for your bathroom. A screen, a wardrobe, a tap… our specialists are perfectly qualified to give you the best advice.

Leaks at home? We have the solution!

Surely on more than one occasion you have had problems with dampness at home or leaks have occurred at any given time. These situations can occur for several reasons but the truth is that they are quite annoying, nobody likes to get wet indoors or have a bad smell in any of the rooms of our home.

In the same way, this can also happen in the office or in our business and that is why we must tackle the problem as soon as possible.

For this purpose we have the best professionals that will give you solutions instantly. We offer waterproofing services in every area of your home, office or premises. On the roofs, terraces … you will only have to contact us and tell us where the problem has arisen and we will quickly solve it.

In addition our experts will analyze where the problem comes from, why those leaks or that humidity have appeared in the first place, and will use all the tools and techniques so that it does not happen again. They will end up with leaks and leaks and will give you a service of the best quality.

In order to get this, we work with several systems such as the EPDM type or the bituminous sheets, among others.

The best office refurbishments in Valencia

House refurbishments are sometimes necessary or just made for pleasure, but they are not the only places that from time to time, we must give a new image.

For example, if you work in an office, don’t you think the space should be comfortable? You will spend a lot of time there, and is much better doing it in a nice area that has all the possible amenities. A spacious, bright place… where we can work as if we were at our own home.

reformas de oficinas

That’s why it is essential to make a refurbisment in the office and to do so you can count on our team of professionals. They will put at your disposal all the tools and materials to make your office perfect.

But if instead of an office or an office you have a place, you can also reform it whenever you want. Remember that the image you give of your business will be your cover letter to the public.

Make customers be a part of your premises, that they feel comfortable and what better than doing it by offering a new space, that draws attention for its design, with striking colors, in short, turn it into the fashionable place. If it is what you want to do, do not hesitate to call us, we will help you in everything you need to make your place the best in the area.

Thanks to a pleasant atmosphere that you can achieve with the reform you make. A new image for your store will be perfect to attract more customers. Tell us how your ideal place would be and we will carry out the necessary reforms so that your business rises like foam.

An old house but modern at the same time in Valencia

You have fallen in love with that old house and you have decided to buy it, it is really unique but with all the years since it were built, it is difficult to inhabit it. If you have acquired it, it is because you want to live in it, but it needs a total refurbishment. You can come to us and we will arrange it with our refurbishment service in Valencia.

Our company also has experts who restore old houses. They will keep the facade so that it still has that old touch, but inside you will have all the amenities and you will get practically a new house.

We will build every room to your liking, we will put the electricity and water facilities completely new and the kitchen and bathroom will look like they are fresh out of the oven. Do not hesitate to remove a partition, expand a room or make your best terrace.

Our professionals offer you the best services so that your old house become one of the most modern, always respecting the façade. If you also see that your house needs a refurbishment, we can also do it. We have numerous specialists dedicated exclusively to the restoration of facades of houses like this kind.

You will end up with a house that will look as good as new.

Thanks to the knowledge of our professionals, it will be very easy to reform that house that you have wanted to have for so many years. We put at your disposal all kinds of services so that, when you least realize it, you can start living in the house you have always dreamed of.

Completely renovated, with all the necessary systems installed correctly and the rooms clean, as if we were brand new that same day.

Homes, premises… refurbishments in Valencia to everyone

Our technical team will help you in making reforms of all kinds in any place you need. In your home you can carry out a comprehensive renovation, from making changes in the rooms to the kitchen or bathrooms. Even if you prefer, you can build your own home, because we put at your disposal a large group of professionals who will attend to everything you need.

You can also buy an old house and rehabilitate it completely, even improve its facade if you see that it may be in poor condition. In addition, we offer maintenance services for your home and other exclusive services such as the installation of floors, platforms, parquet…

interior clásico de una casa de valencia

In case that you need to refurbish your premises or your office, you won’t have anything to worry about either. We also count on the best workers to carry out all the changes you want to make in those spaces.

Moreover, we offer maintenance services in the premises and we can even build new ones if you need to expand your business. You will not miss anything, our professionals think of everything for your comfort.

Even if you live in a community of neighbors, you can count on us to restore common areas, patios, hallways, facades … all our services you will have with just one call.

In addition, in these cases, we can help you adapt areas for people with reduced mobility or reinforce areas that need further restoring. Just tell us what you need so that the community lives in a comfort zone.

Working with us is easy

Every service we offer are carried out by the best professionals in each sector. They use good materials and tools so that you are completely satisfied with our work. You will not miss anything because our attention is excellent.

We listen carefully to our customer’s needs and we make it true quickly and easily. You won’t have to worry about anything, since we are going to make everything easier so that you feel as much comfortable as possible by making your refurbishment true.

The only thing you have to do is getting in touch with us. Do not hesitate and tell us about your project and ask us for your quotation without commitment. Our value for money is excellent and you can count on a large number of experts who will make refurbishments the most simple and satisfying thing in the world.

Whatever you need, with us you will be able to carry it out, since our services face all the situations in which you may find yourself, from creating your perfect home to making your business the most cutting-edge in the city of Valencia.