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If you were told to give your house away or leave it for a while to strangers, you’d think twice. It is your house, your home, something that is part of you and that you have been taken care of with all your love. This is just an unimportant comment, but when you decide to make a reform, will you also let anyone do it? Of course not, and at ObrasCSM we are experts in renovations in Alicante (where our company resides).

Remember that we are still talking about your home, so the best thing is to put it in the hands of the best professionals who also offer you very good services with total guarantees of the best quality.

Reformas Alicante - ObrasCSM

We are the company you were looking for, with many years of experience in the sector and experts in all kinds of refurbishments so that your home or premises are completely renovated and with an excellent image.

With us you are going to be able to carry out any reform that you need in your home, whether it is changing a bathroom, the kitchen or the living room, but we also carry out reforms in the city of Alicante in all types of premises so that your business be unique.

We include painting services, plumbing, electricity … everything you need at your fingertips with qualified people who will provide the best advice for you to choose what suits your home or premise. You will find us easily in the city and you can ask for quotation without commitment.

We are professionals who want to offer you total confidence so that we can work together on your new project. All the materials we use to carry out our work are of the highest quality and we are also committed to the client so that they are completely satisfied. You put the idea and we make it happen.

What do you need to refurbish your house in Alicante?

When we buy a house in many occasions it needs a remodelation in some of the rooms and even an integral one according to the state in which it is. Although you have been able to buy your ideal home, it still has to be so that it can become the home of your dreams, what is the solution? We give it to you.

Surely you want to throw away that partition that bothers you so much in the living room or you want to modify the distribution of some areas to make them wider … Do you need to build a new room? All this and much more we do it to your liking. We are going to invest in your house all our time so that your project of reform is true.

reformas de viviendas en la ciudad de alicante


All you have to do is tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll do the rest using all the best quality products and materials on the market that will give your home a new look.

Don’t worry about anything, our services cover a large number of aspects. Not only masonry work, we can also place floating floors or pallets. If you like ceramics we will put it in your living room or if you prefer to remove or include some doors you can also do it with us.

But the refurbishments are not only made by necessity, there are times that simply you want to change the image of your house, are you going to stop doing it? Tell us what you want to do in your home to make it look like a new home.

The remodelation you make will increase the value of your home and for this reason it must be done with the best possible quality and guarantees. Do not hesitate to call us (we are in Alicante) and tell us what you want, we offer all the services necessary to refurbish your home completely.

Refurbishments to give your kitchen a new look

If we had to highlight any area of the house it would be the kitchen. It is one of the most used spaces and should also be one of the most comfortable, since we spend quite time there and carry out different activities.

Nobody likes to cook in an old kitchen or one that looks bad. Is this happening in your kitchen? Then you’re sure to be thinking about making a remodelation. You have come to the right place, our professionals in the sector will put at your disposal all their knowledge and tools to create a new kitchen according to the idea you have told us.

reformas de cocinas en el centro de alicante

Sometimes refurbishing a kitchen can be quite expensive, as you have to buy the furniture and appliances (in Alicante there are many shops where you can buy them for the refurbishment). But we have very economic prices and we offer you the best quality in our products.

It is important to measure the space you have to make the refurbishment in Alicante, know what you want to add or remove and of course the shape of the kitchen of your dreams so that everything can be in harmony within the same aesthetic line.

Is refurbishment a laborious job? That’s why we are here to offer you the best kitchen refurbishment service in Alicante. We are going to give it a new, more renovated and modern touch, where you will be able to include the newest electric appliances and wonderful furniture that will be comfortable and practical when cooking your recipes.

There are many types of kitchen within homes, more oval, squared, rectangled … no matter how is yours, because if you tell us your idea we will start your project as soon as possible to enjoy your remodelled kitchen with excellent quality services.

The best bathroom for your home

As it happens with the kitchen, the bathroom is another space in our home (in Alicante or wherever you are) that concern us the most, since it must be a clean space and give a good image. Without a doubt, it is one of the rooms in the house that suffers the most over the years, as it is used daily and the excess of lime in water causes serious damage in our bathroom.

If you need to refurbish your bathroom in Alicante we are your best choice. We will make your bathroom look new, shiny and always attending to the project you had in mind to give it a renewed image.

What do you need to make the refurbish? You can ask us for anything, from changing the pipes to consulting an extensive catalogue of tiles.

especialistas en reformas de baños

Choose the ones you like the most, although our professionals will give you the best advice so that your bathroom has the best flooring and tiles, not only as decorative elements, but also so that they are good materials that withstand the temperatures that arise in the bathroom and the daily excess of water.

We also offer you the services of toilet placements, with many models so that you can choose and even if you want we have available a wide range of furniture, as is the case of shower screens, so that finally your bathroom turns out as you like.

Refurbishing the bathroom with us mean that you can be unconcerned, because we put at your disposal everything you need to renovate your bathroom in the best possible way and surrounded by great professionals.

Refurbish your business in Alicante with the best professionals

Refurbishing homes are usually the most common, but sometimes many of us have a business or a local which needs to be renovated. It is precisely in these times where we must have the best professionals next to us, since the image that our business gives will be the one that the customer will keep at the moment in which he visits us, and there is no doubt that we want to give a very good appearance.

That is why the reforms you are going to make in your business must be well thought out and have clear ideas. Surely you already have everything projected in your head, for this reason what better than to work with our company of reforms in Alicante so that we can make all that a reality.

Our services range from a change in the structure of the premises to a more renovated design, with all types of paints and electrical and plumbing services, among other things.

In this sense we have to take into account our customers needs and the best thing we can do is to satisfy them as soon as possible by offering a new image of our business without losing the essence that characterizes it. A modern touch that offers better quality and good services. Any change we make in our premises will surely attract more customers and we will also work in a renewed environment that will invite other people to come and meet us.

Don’t forget that the more customers you attract, the more profit you will get for your business. That’s why it’s essential that the image that your store gives to the public must be simply perfect. To refurbish your business in Alicante contact us, tell us what you need and we will do the rest.

And best of all is that the results of the refurbish will last for a long time because our professionals have the best tools and materials to make all this possible.

Refurbishments for ceilings and walls in Alicante

Surely it is not the first time that you change the color of your house’s walls, since they are parts of the house that suffer a lot over the years. Whether by accumulated dirt, moisture or the wear and tear of the paint. There are causes by which every certain time it is necessary to modify the color or to give the wall another coat.

In case you need to repaint your house or just want to a different touch of color we have a wide catalog available for you to choose the shade you like. All kinds of paintings that are suitable for each area of your home, as all spaces do not have the same temperature or humidity.

reformas de paredes de dormitorios

In addition, we also have specific paints for each type of wall and of course a large number of colors, from lighter to darker or even pastel shades … whatever you want.

Painting a house or premises is not an easy task, you have to rely on professionals who know how to do it properly. We have many experienced workers who will leave your home as good as new. Experts in painting all types of rooms, at any height. Walls, ceilings… whatever you need, leave it in our hands.

We have the best quality paints and great professionals in Alicante to do it.

Best lightning at your home and business

Lighting is something fundamental within our home, although it is also fundamental if we own a business. Above all, there’s special care to be taken with electrical installations in spaces that can be frequented by water, such as a bathrooms or some parts of the kitchen.

We cannot set up an installation ourselves, it is quite dangerous. That’s why it’s best to turn to professional electricians who can provide the best installation for your home. We use quality materials to make our reforms in Alicante, insulation, with full guarantees and safety measures so that we do not have to worry about electricity or have to deal with all that ourselves.

reformas eléctricas alicante

Whether for a change of installation or because you have to put a new one, our professionals offer the best services to give light to all your house. From the living room, to the bathrooms, to the bedrooms, the kitchen or even the terrace. Your house will be completely illuminated and the installation will be complete and safe.

Electricity is something we need to live and therefore we must prevent our installation from failing at any time. It is necessary to call to the professionals who give us the maximum guarantees. Similarly, if you need to provide your premises with good lighting do not hesitate to call us, we are also specialists in this kind of spaces and we will even give you a solution if you own larger premises as may be the case of an industrial warehouse. If what you need is a good light, we’ll give it to you.

Plumbing services in Alicante

Electricity is a basic aspect nowadays, but water is another aspect that we also need on a daily basis. That is why it is important that our installation is in perfect condition. Any worn or broken pipes, or even one that has got stuck, is a reason to call our plumbing services in the city of Alicante (and surrounding area).

Our professionals will fix the problem quickly giving you the best solutions and always with the best quality. If there is any part of the house where you need a plumbing service we will arrange it in the best conditions. Our specialists do an excellent job, using very good tools and putting all their knowledge into practice.

Kitchen or bathroom faucets, problems with toilets, any setbacks in showers… all these things can happen at any time.

That is why it is important that if you need this kind of services, you turn to professionals who solve the problem effectively in a refurbishment. Besides, it is very important that professionals can guarantee that their work will last in time so that we do not find ourselves in a similar situation soon after.

The water installation will work wonderfully thanks to our technical team who will use their knowledge in fantastic refurbishment services.

Why you should work with us?

We are a company of refurbishments in Alicante offering all kind of services to our customers for many years. Our experience backs us up and we also have very good professionals who belong to the different sectors in which we work in order to be able to offer our clients the best quality and products of the highest quality.

We are professionals with extensive knowledge that will put at your disposal everything you need to carry out the reform project you had in mind.

You only have to tell us what you want to do in your house or business: a complete remodelation, a little change in the kitchen, full bathroom renovation… everything you want we can do it, because we have a qualified staff who will do the best job to make your house look like you want.

In addition, we also have available refurbishment services so that you do a totally new space from your premises in Alicante. Same as it comes to your home, you can change everything you need thanks to our professionals who will make the business idea you had become a reality and thus present a renewed and fresh image.

Although we are specialists in refurbishment, these not only include their services in masonry, we also offer other services such as plumbing, electricity or painting, among others. In other words, everything you need so that you don’t lack anything when it comes to carrying out your refurbishment.

Quality services, with guarantees and the commitment of our company. In addition, with good prices and budgets made to your measure that you will be able to consult without any commitment. We provide you with the information you need before and during the reform.

Just think what you want to do, discuss it with our professionals and we will do the rest. Never before it has been so easy to make a refurbishment in Alicante.

If you need to carry out any type of refurbishment, or want to hire the services of our professionals for any type of installation do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone number. You will have the solution right away and you will be able to carry out your refurbishment with the best quality guarantees.